The documentary film shows the approach of a blind man with probably the most famous shaman of South America –
Don Eduardo Calderón.

By following the blind psychologist August Rüggeberg on his journey from Münich to Peru, we slowly step into worlds unknown to us. We get to know the sense perceptions of a blind person, how he experiences his surroundings and world. Take part in how he slowly opens up to the totally different way of life in Peru and the ceremonies of the shaman. Through August’s wish to be clairvoyant, we feel our way with him, always getting closer to what is for us an unknown dimension.

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The Seer

The 66 year old shaman lives – in what we would consider poor conditions – in Las Delicias, a small fishing village which lies on the barren coast of north Peru. Eduardo is a fisherman, artist and father of 13 grown-up children. He is honored as one of the last great shamans of Peru. The shaman performs healing ceremonies which are centuries old and have been handed down by masters from generation to generation. Don Eduardos most important healing ceremony is the «Mesa». With the help of the hallucinogen «San Pedro» cactus juice, he puts himself in a trance, and thus «sees» the patients illness, which he then treats.

The Blind Man

The blind 51 year old psychologist lives in Münich with his wife and three children. August became totally blind in his youth, shortly after he finished his studies. He undertakes the journey to Eduardo, so that he can get more «sensibility» for his work as a kinesiology therapist. August is also the head of the Seeing Eye Dog Association in Germany.

The Autor

Ricardo Dall’O is a documentary filmmaker and co-founder of VideoArt AG, Zürich. His works, amongst others include «Berber Crystal», and the documentary film «Changing Pictures» which has been broadcast by Swiss Television SF DRS and 3Sat. Together with VideoArt he produces industrial and film commercials but also supports film productions which thematically show the lives and problems of the Third World countries and its inhabitants. He and his team also carry out post-production works for various editorial offices of SF DRS.

The Film

The filming of «The Seer and the Blind Man» took a period of six years. The original script had to be re-written several times, in the middle of the actual filming, because Don Eduardo had become very ill. Despite the adverse conditions, the 54 minute documentary film project could be completed. Working on the project over the years, created a deep friendship between the author and the Curandero (Shaman), which made unique insights possible in what would otherwise be secret rituals and ways of thinking. We also gain an insight into personality of a truly fascinating person.

The Film Locations

The film locations were in Münich (August Rüggeberg’s place of residence) and in Peru. From Las Delicias – Don Eduardo’s village – the journey leads to the world famous Inca city of Machu Picchu, continues on to Trujillo where the Brujo (witches) market is located, and finally back to Las Delicias.

The Music

Christoph Stiefel composed the film music. He is one of the best known Swiss jazz pianists. Christoph Stiefel played with and arranged for the following musicians:
Andreas Vollenweider, Stiletto, Max Lässer

The Narrator

Amido Hoffman is a widely heard «voice» of the Swiss film scene, among others NZZ Format, SF DRS and many documentary films.

The Sound Studio

Andreas Sigg, FM Sound Studio Zürich, arranged up to 8 digital sound tracks, and stayed with the project until the final mix.

Film length

54 Minutes


Ricardo Dall'O, Zürich